Artist Feature – Marlies Hartmann

Artist Feature – Marlies Hartmann


As a proud NYU Tisch School of the Arts graduate, Marlies has been developing her craft for the past decade in Santa Monica, California, where the sun-kissed beaches of the pacific ocean meet the glamorous charm of old Hollywood. Having studied abroad in Florence, Italy, Marlies is deeply rooted in her love of art history, specifically Renaissance art and the Dutch masters, which has heavily influenced her painterly style. Listed as one of the top 100 photographers in the world, Marlies is known for artfully intertwining her love of photojournalism with an editorial flair and insatiable obsession with beautiful light.


Please share a bit about your background and how you got started in wedding photography?

With a BFA from NYU Tisch School of the Arts, I started my photography journey back in 2014, originally focusing on food photography for my food blog. Food photography taught me the basics about composition, lighting, and editing. In 2015, I transitioned into headshot photography, where I honed my skills in portraiture and began learning the business side of photography. It wasn’t until 2017 that I decided to become a full time wedding photographer and fell in love with documenting live performance mixed with authentic emotions, while crafting the story and legacy for a couple and their families.

What do you think your keys to success are in this industry?

My journey to success in this industry is anchored in the power of connection. Cultivating meaningful relationships with fellow photographers, my clients and fellow industry professionals has been instrumental in fostering a supportive community that continually inspires and uplifts me.

How has Impossible Things AI Photo Editing benefited your business?

Prior to Impossible Things, I was exporting catalogs to send to my personal editor, which at times, took several weeks to get my photos back.

In fact, Impossible Things feels like I have my own personal editor at the click of a few buttons. I have been able to shift the focus of my business from endless hours editing or the high cost of an editing house back into growing my business and my personal brand.

What is your favorite Impossible Things feature?

Aside from having the DVLOP presets that you own available to edit with, you’ll also have the ability to use your own, custom-made presets in Impossible Things.

Also, I love that you can re-edit any images within 24 hours. If I want to try out a new editing style, I’m not committed to those edits if I’m not completely happy with them!

Do you have any recommendations for those who are considering Impossible Things?

There is a learning curve, so don’t give up if it takes a short while to hone in your favorite presets or to refine your custom tuning.

My Gear

  • Canon R5 (x2)
  • Canon 50mm f/1.2
  • Canon 28-70mm f/2
  • Canon 85mm f/1.2
  • Sigma Art 24mm f/1.4
  • Sigma Art 135mm f/1.8
  • Canon 70-200mm f/2.8
  • Canon 15-35mm f/4
  • Profoto A1 (x3)
  • Profoto Wireless Triggers (x2)
  • Various MagMod modifiers (MagBox)
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You spend countless hours editing and stressing over editing. Until now. Impossible Things is your solution to a life of editing less and to living more.