Artist Feature – Citlalli Rico

Artist Feature – Citlalli Rico


Citlalli Rico is a Mexican artist and photographer passionate about nature, arts, and education. She calls Cancun, Mexico home and has documented over 700 hundred weddings worldwide.

Citlalli began her photography career in 2006 and continues to raise the bar in wedding photography. She speaks at conferences and workshops worldwide and has served as a mentor for the Foundation Workshops in the United States, Mexico, and Europe.

Among her awards are being named top 10 wedding photographers in Mexico by the Magazine Visit Mexico, 2011 Fearless Photographers of the Year and Top 10 Storytellers of the World in 2021 by This is Reportage.


Please share a bit about your background and how you got started in wedding photography?

I started in photography in 2006. I had just returned to my hometown (Cancun) after studying Communication Sciences for seven years, far from my family. I didn’t have a job, and a dear friend had a successful Cancun photography studio. They mainly focused on weddings, but back in university, the professors told us we would end up as wedding photographers if we did poorly in school. So, I took the job, thinking it would be temporary because I was embarrassed to say I was a wedding photographer. However, this lasted a short time because I realized it’s a beautiful and dignified profession, and it became my full-time job. So, 18 years later, I am proud of this journey and of our industry.

Every couple is unique. How do you tailor your approach to wedding photography to reflect the individuality of each wedding?

For several years now, I’ve realized that weddings are like small ecosystems of human relationships. We are hired to spend the entire day with two families and many people in constant interaction. Since I discovered my passion for social relationships and observing people, noticing their reactions, and finding ways to capture emotions, I found the key to inspiring myself and making each wedding unique precisely because of the people in it. I love focusing on genuine moments, allowing the personalities of my clients and their loved ones to shine through in their images.

How has Impossible Things AI Photo Editing benefited your business?

As soon as options for editing with Artificial Intelligence emerged, I got excited and started testing them immediately. I was eager to delegate the editing area despite it being one of the things I enjoy doing the most. Spending hours sitting in front of a screen is not good for anyone, so “Impossible Things” came to my rescue. It helped me a lot in automating the editing process, allowing me to deliver to my clients more quickly and giving me more time to travel and spend time with my family again.

What was your workflow before Impossible Things?

After selecting the images, it used to take me approximately 3-4 hours to finish editing a complete wedding (about 800 images) in Lightroom.

What is your workflow with Impossible Things, and how has it improved?

Since I started using Impossible Things, my time in Lightroom has been reduced to a maximum of an hour. Now, I can spend more time editing certain images if I want to. One of the things I love the most is that it has helped me match the colors in files from different systems ( I shoot Sony and Nikon), and the outcome is consistent with Impossible Things.

Do you have recommendations for users who are considering Impossible Things?

Do it! You won’t regret it. Be patient with the process; it will be worth it.

Do you have recommendations for users who are first starting with Impossible Things?

Take your time testing your presets and some of the Cloud Styles to see the differences and how the presets behave on your files. Everything can be achieved by fine-tuning the presets, so be patient and enjoy your free time!

What is your favorite Impossible Things feature and why?

OMG, Enhance Subject and Retouch Portrait are brilliant. It saves so much time retouching. These features are the ones that save me the most time, for sure. Love them so much.

My Gear

  • Sony A9
  • Nikon D750
  • Samyang 16mm 2.8 for Sony
  • Sony 35mm 2.8
  • Sony 18mm 1.8
  • Nikon 35mm 2.0
  • Geekoto GT200
  • Godox AD200
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You spend countless hours editing and stressing over editing. Until now. Impossible Things is your solution to a life of editing less and to living more.