Chell – Predictive Engine Update

Chell – Predictive Engine Update



Online and ready to make your editing life a whole lot easier

We are pleased to share news of our latest predictive engine, Chell, a completely reimagined blend and evolution of our current predictive methods combined with all-new technology.

Chell is built to resolve most of our issues with consistency, white balance, over-editing, and overall accuracy. It gets it right far more often and requires far fewer manual interventions.


We have upgraded and improved the Nest Engine for detecting and treating similar images. To start, we redesigned the initial image transformation so that portrait and landscape images shot in the same scenario are more likely to be seen as similar. The likelihood of a visual match is stronger when images are shot in a sequence and this likelihood then decays over time. The longer the time gap between images, the less likely for a match. When matched, edits are now weighted dynamically depending on ‘how similar’ Chell sees the matched images. If they are nearly identical, they will get nearly identical treatment. As the images and scenarios begin to differ more, the edit begins to rely less on the original match and more on the individual prediction from the new image. In addition to these changes, we gave Chell a larger memory to find, nest, and prioritize matches. The end result is that edits will feel more consistent, organic, and changes will be more fluid between scenes.


More importantly, we revisited our large dataset to both simplify, remove, and fix tens of thousands of small inconsistencies. We used this improved dataset and trained much longer, trying to push the line towards fully-trained without becoming over-trained. For you, this means that predictions will feel smarter, more accurate, and generally more on point than before. Just like always, Chell will continue to learn and improve. With Chell, Impossible Things will not only feel more intelligent while editing, it will respond much better and more consistently to preset balancing made by your ‘Custom Tuning’ settings.


In addition to these predictive engine improvements, we have also quadrupled our CPU power and capacity in the cloud. This means that even during peak editing times and seasons, Impossible Things should remain feeling fast and responsive.


You have likely noticed quite a few changes with our system and plug-in over the past month and a half. This has all been in preparation of Chell. Primarily, we have redesigned the preconditioning step to account for and manage certain cameras with problematic Adobe profiles such as the Nikon Z6 while allowing for improved accuracy after upload. With that being said, we see many users are still using earlier versions of the plug-in. So just in case, be sure to “Check for Updates” in the plug-in manager: File > Plug-in Manager > Impossible Things > Check for updates. At the time of writing, the latest version is 1.42, and it is definitely worth updating. (Don’t see “Check for Updates?” then download and run the latest DVLOP & Things installer from your account:

As a result of all of these changes, predictions from Chell and our improved learning model won’t change or vary as much as before when we continue to train with new data. The results will remain familiar while the accuracy and consistency will continue to improve.

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